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I am a Hebrew-Israelite warrior from the tribe of Benjamin, from the lineage of Israel (Jacob) the seed of Abraham – who has been called to wake up “THE REMNANT” of Israel and Judah, the sleeping lion – and am in no way affiliated with the Yahweh Ben Yahweh or any other Hebrew-Israelite organization. I am a believer and follower of JesUS the Christ – the Creator of all the universes.

Genesis 49:9 – Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?

ROUSE: To bring out of a state of sleep; unconsciousness: inactivity, fancied security, apathy, etc. to stir to or incite to strong indignation [righteous anger] or anger. (Webster’s Dictionary)

Genesis 49:10 – The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

I am the youngest of eleven (11) children and was born in Hanford, California in 1951. In 1974 while standing on the sidewalk in Seattle, Washington (I had just gotten off from work), I began to think deeply about God, life and people in general – what it all meant – when suddenly a man appeared next to me and said, “Don’t think so hard, it’s only an illusion” then walked halfway across the street and vanished. The man that spoke to me had dark black skin with a grayish cast, a long wooly white beard that touched the ground, was wearing loosely wrapped garments and was carrying a staff that resembled petrified wood (for lack of a better description) – he looked ancient as if he had just stepped out of the Bible; therefore I thought that I had seen Moses and began to tell people that until I met an old man in Albuquerque, New Mexico who told me that an angel had appeared to me. After that encounter, I made myself a vow to find out who God was and who I was and began to seek diligently although I never quit smoking pot, drinking, partying and fornicating – until it happened.

One afternoon (in Seattle, Washington) in 1975 as I was blasting my music, drinking rum, smoking cigarettes and pot, the Holy Spirit tapped me on my shoulder and called me by my name (of course at that time I didn’t know that it was the Holy Spirit – I thought my sister was playing a joke on me).

A short while later as I was ending my prayer to the Creator (I did not believe in Jesus at that time I was just seeking to know who God was and who I was) the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said,” Say in Jesus name” and out of ignorance or more like out of stupidity, I answered and said, “No!” Once again the Holy Spirit spoke and said “Say in Jesus name” and I again replied “No!” The third time the Holy Spirit spoke with insistence and said, “Say in Jesus name” and I finally obeyed even though I did not mean it and the tone in which I spoke was very disrespectful because I did not believe that I had to end my prayer in Jesus’ name – but out of obedience to the Creator I said, “In Jesus name”.

After I ended my prayer (in Jesus’ name) I stood at the window as I had done for the past three nights as I had been unable to sleep – and while standing there someone took hold of my shoulders, turned me around and led me to my bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow the angels began to sing – there were trillions and trillions of them singing music – not words – MUSIC – it was BEAUTIFUL!

Even though my immediate thought was that I was dieing and the angels had come to take me away, I didn’t even care because I was at TOTAL PEACE. I woke up the next morning and the first thing that came from my mouth was “Thank you Jesus, I found myself” (because when I started my search for God I said that before I left this Earth I was going to find out who God was and who I was) – I had been “born-again” (of the Spirit). Of course at that time I had no idea what had happened to me I just knew that from that very moment I was the happiest person in the world, felt brand new inside and out, my hands and feet looked new, had no desire to drink, smoke, party, fornicate, nothing – just laughing and thanking Jesus.

A few days later in the evening I was reading my Bible, when suddenly I was no longer in my living room but in a place standing next to a being who I believe was an angel of God or God Himself (or Herself). He showed me a terrible vision – a series of events which had occurred starting from the time of Adam up until somewhere in the future since the last event has not yet occurred to-date (September 11, 2011). The vision was dark and the events were passing quickly before my eyes, but I could see a lot of death and destruction, people running for their lives, etc. When the being first started showing me the events he (I say “he” out of habit) said, “ADAM look what you have done.”

The last event that I saw was a Caucasian woman with brown hair wearing an orange fluorescent jacket (I don’t’ think fluorescent jackets were even being made in 1975 – but she was wearing one in the vision – that’s another reason why I believe he showed me the future) – it was nighttime and she was sitting under a street light on top of thousands of bodies stacked two to three high along the sidewalk – as far as the eye could see. Her hair was stringy, greasy and dirty-looking and she was rubbing her arm as if she was trying to rub something off herself – that is when the being spoke to me and said, “But there is something that you can do to help your people”. The being did not show me what had caused this destruction, but now in light of all that is taking place today (2011) I believe it could possibly have been (or will be) from chemical or maybe even biological or nuclear warfare – I don’t know – all I know is what I saw and the only thing that I can do to help you is to give you the true word of God.

I never fully understood what had happened to me – so for years I asked people including preachers if they knew what had happened to me and they all said no except for one preacher who said that I had had a direct experience with God. Even though I returned to partying and living my life the thought of what had happened to me stayed with me and I always wondered what it was.

In late 1982 the devil was chasing me so hard until I returned to the church (I had quit going to church when I was sixteen (16) years old – couldn’t stand all that hooping and couldn’t UNDERSTAND it either) but when the devil started chasing me I had nowhere else to turn so I attended a Baptist Church and was baptized in 1983 in Phoenix, Arizona.

While attending that church for about two months I discovered many or most of the members were masons and eastern stars – Baal-worshipers hiding behind the church; therefore I left there and began to study my Bible and seek the Creator at home for myself and that is when I received the Holy Ghost and he opened my understanding which caused the Word to come alive in me – and I stayed in the Word fasting and praying.

Eventually I set out to find a church of believers because the Bible said to not forsake the gathering of ourselves together – but I couldn’t find one – they were all apostate, so I began to question God asking where are the other people like myself, what have you done to me, you made me like this so where are the others? I had almost given up UNTIL late one night I was listening to the Christian radio and I heard a preacher named Apostle Johnnie Washington and my spirit leaped (and they hadn’t even announced his name yet). I was getting ready to turn the radio off and go to bed, but the Holy Spirit made me stand there and listen to hear who was coming on next – Praise Jesus! I knew then that there were others like myself – few and far between –“THE REMNANT”.

In 1998 the Holy Spirit called me as a prophet (although I had been doing the work of the Creator for many years prior to 1998) and opened up more truth to me. At first I became sick in my spirit and fell back into my chair for a while then I became enraged and vowed to the Creator that I would tell this truth even if it meant losing my life.

I had no intentions of writing a book until one night as I was praying the Holy Spirit showed me a book with no writing on the pages. I began to ask God what this meant and suddenly a hand with a pen began to write on the pages slowly then very quickly. I kept praying and asking God what this vision meant and the hand just kept on writing and turning the pages – finally I said, “Do you want me to write a book” and immediately the vision ended – I knew then in my spirit that God was telling me to write a book – and write it quickly. Prior to this vision many people had asked me if I was going to write a book (at the time I was circulating single documents that I had written) and I said, “Nah, nobody’s going to read a book” – but after the vision I did write a book titled “It’s Only An Illusion” because that is what the angel said to me in 1974 – I quoted him. I finished the book on September 11, 2000 and started distributing it in Seattle, Washington and New Orleans, Louisiana first. Although there is a whole lot more to this story, time and space does not permit me to expound – perhaps I will write another book or maybe preach a complete message only about the vision.

In October 2010 I was working in the front yard, mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds, etc. and stopped to take a short break to relieve my back – wasn’t thinking about anything really, just resting and checking out my work when the Holy Spirit spoke and said “Get Ready”. It was the oddest thing because I wasn’t even thinking about God or anything at that moment – just resting and checking my work.

I don’t know what I (or maybe we) are supposed to be getting ready for – whether it be good or bad – but I believe that we all should begin to draw closer to the Creator and begin to stock up on the necessities (food, water, medicines, herbs, batteries, candles, oil and lamps, blankets, warm clothing, etc.) as best we can – prepare for the worst but expect and hope for the best – because the Creator may have been speaking to ALL of us – not just to me.

This website was built and ready for public consumption on SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 just as my manuscript warning “THE REMNANT” – was finished on SEPTEMBER 11, 2000 – then one year later, to-the-date, The Creator sent the first bout of judgment upon “Mystery Babylon” – The United States of America just as Genesis 15:13 & 14 states.

This website was supposed to be ready in March 2011 but we kept having setback after setback – some of it just weird stuff. Then the site was supposed to be finished in April 2011, then the deadline was changed to some time in August, then to September 5th - but there were more setbacks until I became so frustrated to the point of almost scrapping the whole idea of a website and began to wonder if it really was God’s will – so I threw up my hands – I was done with it; but my daughter said, “Well I’m going to continue to try and make it work”. I had to apologize to my daughter several times for my shortness and being upset with her – but obviously it was not her – it was God. It was all in God’s timing – SEPTEMBER 11, 2011.

When she finally did get the site built, she said, “We probably need to put a date at the bottom of the homepage so that people will know when the site was created” – so I said, “Yeah that’s a good idea” – so she put September 2011 thinking that the month and year were sufficient – but I always like to put complete dates on every thing – so I told her to put the complete date (I had no idea that it was the 11th – I am so into my work I hardly ever know what day or date it is) so I clicked on the date on my computer and was amazed to see that it was September 11, 2011, the same date that I finished the manuscript – and you know the rest of the story about that.

I am not predicting that anything is going to happen on September 11, 2012 – I’m just saying…seems very uncanny to me.

Jesus First!


Shirley Jn Johnson


Warrior for Jesus the Christ
Wake Up! Judah